Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The first posting

I decided to start a blog.  I'm not really sure what blogs are besides the rambles of self absorbed indivuals who feel the need to share what they feel are important details and ponderings of their very unimportant and mostly insignificant lives. (Oh and if you have a blog I am not talking about you, you are very important.)  Why am I joining in this practice?   Well it's not that I care to share anything Earth shattering, I already have a pretty good sense that my opinion doens't matter much and I feel no need to rant about the driver that cuts me off or the injustices in humanity.  I just want to keep track of my fitness training.  It's purely self indulgent.  I ran 10 miles yesterday in 90 degree weather and I thought it was the the hardest thing I'd done in a while but I recovered nicely, I'm not sore and I regained the 2 pounds I lost in water and  I was in the gym at 8am this morning.  I'd  want to keep track of what I'm doing so if something goes wrong (or right) I know what lead up to it.  If you're reading this I'm a terrible speller and I am a comma splicer.  I like grammar and all but I'd rather not have anything corrected unless of course I say something so wrong it's funny.  Humor rules.    

Todays works outs.  lunges/squats 30 mins. 
ABS: supermans 60 sec x 3, ball passes 3 x 15, ball leg lift 3 x 20 (3 sec easy), hanging knee tucks 3 x 18
Biceps: ISO FM 20lb curls 3 x 18, 30lb barbell curl 3 x 12, Cyber X 25lb curl 3 x 12 (too hard) 
Triceps: Rope 171/2lbs 3 x 15, ISO FM 20lbs 3 x 15 Tri Press 70lbs 3 X 12 (easy)
All 30 sec rest invervals

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